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Grow your hair with Hair NowNow

Hair NowNow’s serum is a blend of proprietary ingredients that promote hair growth and is suitable as a natural remedy for hair loss.

Their blend of proprietary ingredients includes: Angelica polymorpha sinnis, hippophae rhamnoides and polygonum multiflorum have been used as an accent remedy for hair loss.

Hair NowNow uses a unique innovative treatment that utilizes seven advanced complexes and scientific technologies to leave your hair looking thicker and fuller. The product can be used by males and females, use 3-5 drops twice daily, wash your hair at least once a week and make sure the product is applied evenly on your scalp, if our product is properly applied on clean scalp, results will be visible in about 2 weeks to 1 month. It's a foreign product made from Hong Kong and all ingredients are natural with no side effect even when you stop using.

Prices Ranges From; N10,000

To order yours, contact; +234 808 697 1073